Visualizing The Layers

If I done did my job right you should start seeing the pattern by now. Remember this diagram from the previous section? Let's keep filling it out…

  • Build out the Data Context
  • Create Request/Response Objects
  • Create Custom Exceptions
  • Create the Api Endpoint
  • Let Visual Studio do some work for you
    • Add Repository Interface Method Signatures
    • Implement the Repository Interface Method
  • Put the logic in the Repository Methods
  • Test

It's almost like using a cookie cutter.


I want to say this was an uneventful section. I think I've taught you everything you need to know to finish the rest on your own.

But no worries, I'll still be here until were complete the solution.

Let's keep going… In the next section I'll begin by giving you more exercising to build out the scaffolding. Then I'll jump in to help you wrap it up.

See you in the next section.


I finished! On to the next tutorial