Articles Part 1



In this section we'll begin working on Articles.


As we build out the Articles Endpoint we'll be working on basic CRUD:

  • Create
  • Get (read)
    • List of Articles - with pagination
    • Sing Article
  • Update
  • Delete

I would consider this a loaded section. Article has the most Api Endpoint than the others. There's going to be a lot of great work done here. I can't wait!

Database Model

Here we are back at the database model. This is the section where we're going to see it grow to its full size.

To this point we have the following tables:

  • Accounts
  • People
  • Follows

We're going to add the following tables:

  • Editorials
  • Commentaries
  • Favorites
  • Tags

Don't get hung up on the names of the tables. I particularly chose these names to avoid name collision with the response & requests objects.

The results will still match what you need in order to create your front using Angular or React out of the box.

We have a lot of busy work in this section… I say we get started!


I finished! On to the next chapter