Visualizing the Layers

Let’s go back to visualizing the layers of the application. If you recall, in the last section we built out quite a few components as the groundwork to features that we’ve yet to build out. Even though we implemented Authentication & Authorization in the last section, we didn’t utilize it until now by configuring the middleware to challenge every request accessing a secure resource. We added a new controller that would reuse a few classes we had already created.


In this section we:

  • Configured Authentication
    • Challenging every request accessing a secure resource
  • Configured HTTP Context Accessor
    • For Dependency Injection
    • Accessing Request Header Items
  • Configured Swagger Secure API
    • Alternative to Postman
    • It’s a neat feature
    • Great for internal Documentation

In the next section, we’ll continue to build out the application features – Let’s keep going!


I finished! On to the next tutorial