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Solution - IAccountRepository Add Method Signatures


Solution: Add Interface Method Signatures

In the Conduit.Repositories Project

Modify IAccountRepository.cs by adding the following 2 Method Signatures:
  • Method Signature #1
    • Name: GetCurrentUserAsync
    • Return Type: User
    • Parameters: n/a
  • Method Signature #2
    • Name: GetLoggedInUser
    • Return Type: Account
    • Parameters: n/a

Here's the code to the IAccountRepository.s file:

using Conduit.Data;
using Conduit.Models.Requests;
using Conduit.Models.Responses;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Conduit.Repositories
    public interface IAccountRepository
        Task<User> RegisterUserAsync(Register register);
        Task<User> LoginAsync(Login user);
        Task<User> GetCurrentUserAsync();
        Task<Account> GetLoggedInUser();

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