Setting Up The Solution



Create An Empty Solution

In any real world project we’ll always start with a solution file. Consider a solution a container for projects. The name we select will drive the root of our namespace. We’ll take a peek inside a solution file to demystify any magic you think is happening.

Add Project Files To Our Solution

Projects are also containers but for the files & references of your project. The projects will continue to drive the namespace automatically. We’ll also take a look at the project file to eliminate any mysteries. We’ll check out the list of project templates that are available.


Namespaces are a very important concept in Object Oriented Programming Languages. Setting up a solution in such a way that allows you to drive Namespaces automatically is key. Keep in mind that we want to focus on the logic of the application and not get bogged down on the common code. Visual Studio has the tools built-in that allow us to do just that while it takes care of the little things.


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