Demo: Test Register API Endpoint

Select your favorite browser
  • Click on the [down-arrow] located next to [IIS Express]
  • Click on [Web Browseer] and select the browser of your choice
Run the Application
  • Click on [IIS Express]
When the Swagger API UI comes up in the browser
  • Provide a [User Name]
  • Provide a valid [Email]
  • Provide a password with 1 upper-case, 1 lower-case and 1 numeric value
  • Click on [Execute]
Test the following scenarios
  • Invalid password
  • Invalid email
  • Remove the user name
  • Remove the email
  • Try registering the same person twice

You can use Random User to generate users.

The raw speed you get from C# is due to the different stages of compilation:

  • Code
  • Intermediate Language (I.L.)
  • Machine Language

The compilation from I.L. to Machine Language is performed by the "Just In Time" Compiler or "JIT" for short. JIT compiles the I.L. down to the machine language that your processor architecture understands and can perform at its best.

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