In this exercise...

you will put together everything you have learned so far in this section of the course.


In the project linked below:

  • Add the RouterModule
  • Add a place for the current view to display
  • Create the following routes:
    • Wildcard route
    • /actors
    • / which redirects to /actors
    • /actors/0/edit
  • Links to implement
    • Top Flopbuster text should link to /
    • The Actors link in the header
    • The show details link ex. /actors?showDetails=true
    • Process the query parameter in the component
    • Link to edit
    • Process the route parameter in the edit component
    • Cancel link from edit to /actors

Click the following link to open up the exercise: https://stackblitz.com/fork/angular-ydxjrt-cglvqy


I finished! On to the next chapter