In this exercise...

you will put together everything you have learned and create a complete form.


In the project linked below:

  • Create new and edit reviews
  • Click New Review to make a new review
  • Click a review to edit
  • Make all three controls required
  • Min length of 20 characters in a review
  • Don't show the form when not editing/creating
  • Don't show New Review button when editing/creating
  • Display validation errors ONLY when Save is clicked
  • Hints:
    • Track if creating or editing or neither
    • Track which review is being edited
    • [value] binding for non-string data types
    • Clever use of slice pipe

Click the following link to open up the exercise: https://stackblitz.com/fork/thinkster-v2qb3z-ggi6zz?file=src%2Fapp%2Freviews%2Freviews.component.html

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