Angular Fundamentals of Angular

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Proficiency doesn’t come from simply watching a YouTube tutorial. Students who “learn by doing” retain almost five times as much information as those who simply watch and listen. Each module in this course includes interactive exercises designed to help you learn as much — and as quickly — as possible.

191 Lessons — 13 Hours of Video

Author Joe Eames
Google Developer Expert (GDE)

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Learning isn't "watching as many videos as possible."

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Watch a video.

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Practice the concepts.

Apply what you learn with our interactive exercises.*


See the author’s solution and compare it to your own.

Students who learn by doing remember almost 5x as much as those who just watch and listen.

Fundamentals of Angular

What will I learn?

By the end of this 13-hour course you'll be able to:

Efficiently use data binding to display changing data to the user.
Leverage components and services to create a maintainable application.
Send data back and forth to the server and display it when it updates.
Effectively use forms to gather consistent and correct data from the user.
Create feature modules and lazy load them for improved performance.
Configure an Angular application and deploy it to production.
What do I already need to know?
How can I learn as quickly as possible?

Take advantage of the hands-on exercises. Practice is essential to accelerated learning.

Course Contents

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"I have bought and consumed a lot of the top materials from other developers on Angular including Angular Tutorial, ng-book, Udemy's top Angular complete course. The exercise-based approach of this course is definitely my favorite of all of them. This feels less like a documentation re-dump. It feels like a course that assigns user stories almost like you would encounter on the job!"

Juan Juarez

"The StackBlitz exercises are amazing for solidifying my understanding of the information in the lessons, which speeds up my learning. On a lot of other online courses, I have to watch the lesson videos multiple times to understand the material, which I don't have to do with this Fundamentals of Angular course."

Matt Harris

"I am an experienced Pluralsight user but I like the flow of this course much better than what I have found on Angular within Pluralsight — specifically for [someone] starting in almost a newbie position on the subject."


"I finished the angular course in just 8 days (about 2 hours a day). This is really one of the greatest angular course . Highly recommended."

MingW (@matwming)

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