One Day Introduction to Vue.js with Hassan Djirdeh [Workshop]

Mixins, Filters, & Testing


In this lesson, Hassan teaches about mixins, filter, and testing. Students will specifically learn about:

  • Mixins: allow us to neatly reuse functionality between components.
  • Filters: help return formatted versions of data without making changes to the data source.
  • vue-test-utils: Vue's official testing utility library.
  • Mount and shallow mount components.
  • Mounted wrappers to help make testing easier, including wrapper.html, wrapper.find, wrapper.trigger, wrapper.setData, wrapper.setProps, wrapper.setMethods.

The lesson concludes with 3 exercises and demonstrations, including:

  1. Using mixins to build a counter application
  2. Using filters to format the client-side view
  3. Testing to verify that the functionality of a to-do list application does as intended
Exercise I: Mixins

Let's practice Mixins! In the starter code fir thus exercise you will find two different components. Your task is to create and implement a mixin that will remove repeated code from these components.

  • Create a mixin to consolidate identical functionality between Components #1 and #2.

Starter code:

Exercise II: Filters

Next, practice adding filters to the properties of a component.

  • Create filters to better format the currency price and circulating supply numbers (For formatting use JavaScript's Intl.NumberFormat object).

Starter code:

Exercise III: Testing

Finally, practice writing tests for your Vue app.

  • Write two separate tests that test the functionality of removing a single submitted todo item and all todo items in the list respectively.

You will need to use this command to run your tests: npm run test:unit

Starter code:

🎉 Congrats! You've finished this entire course! To keep learning Vue, check out some of our other courses!