One Day Introduction to Vue.js with Hassan Djirdeh [Workshop]

State Management & Vuex


In this lesson, Hassan teaches about state management and Vuex. He addresses questions such as:

  • How do we manage state in our application as the application grows?
  • How can we communicate from children to parent components?

Students will specifically learn about:

  • Props: can be used to pass data from parent components to down to child components.
  • Custom Events: allow child components to communicate with parent components.
  • An Event Bus: can enable isolated components to subscribe and publish custom events between one another.
  • Simple State Management: can be performed by creating a "store pattern" that involves sharing a data store between components.
  • Vuex: the flux-like, state management library built solely for use with Vue Getters, Mutations, and Actions.

The lesson concludes with an exercise and demonstration of how to build a note keeping and counter application.


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