One Day Introduction to Vue.js with Hassan Djirdeh [Workshop]

Routing & Vue Router


In this lesson, Hassan teaches about routing and the Vue Router. Students will specifically learn about:

  • Routing: refers to splitting an application's UI based on rules derived from the browser URL
  • Vue Router: Vue's official client-side routing library
  • Routes: array that maps components to respective URL pathnames
  • Router-view: component responsible in rendering another specified component based on the app's location.
  • Router-link: component that allows the user to change the location of the browser without making web request.
  • Dynamic Route Matching: matching routes with the same pattern to a single component.
  • Nested Routes: compose components multiple levels deep that corresponds to segments of a URL path.
  • Navigation Guards: guard navigations by either redirecting or canceling.

The lesson concludes with an exercise and demonstration of using the Vue Router to toggle information displayed from two different cities


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