Using ag-Grid with React: Selection


Hey everyone! JavaScript teacher Sam Julien here. Welcome to this next section of Using ag-Grid with React!

This section is all about selection: row selection, checkbox selection, the selection API, range selection, and fill handles.

This tutorial uses a project called aggr-selection for all but the last two videos. You'll find the starting point code in the starting-points folder and the finished code in the finished-code folder of the section 7 folder of the ag-grid-react-thinkster repository. The remaining two videos use StackBlitz examples and you'll find the links for those with the videos.

To get started with the sample project, navigate to the section folder, install the dependencies, and run the project:

cd 07-selection/starting-points/aggr-selection/
npm install
npm start

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Let's dive in!


I finished! On to the next chapter