Using ag-Grid with React: Data

Basic Cell Renderers


We just learned how value getters can render calculated values. They need to be either strings or numbers, though. What if we need to do something more complicated, like render an image based on a URL?

For that, we'll use a Cell Renderer. Our data is returning an image URL for the customer's avatar. We can add a column definition for Avatar to use a cell renderer to display an img tag in HTML:

// src/App.js
columnDefs: [
  // rest unchanged
     headerName: "Avatar",
     field: "avatar",
     width: 100,
     cellRenderer: ({ value }) => `<img style="height: 14px; width: 14px" src=${value} />`

We can take this even further, though. It turns out ag-Grid can use React components as cell renderers. Let's learn about this awesome feature in the next video!


I finished! On to the next chapter