Using ag-Grid with React: Filters


Hey everyone! Sam Julien here. Welcome to this tutorial on working with filters with ag-Grid and React! You're going to love this tutorial; filters are a very cool and powerful feature of ag-Grid.

In this video, I walk through what we'll be covering in this tutorial, the sample code, and the finished sample project.

To follow along with this tutorial, clone the ag-grid-react-thinkster repo (if you haven't already):

git clone

Open the repo in your favorite editor and navigate into the tutorial starting point and install the dependencies:

cd 04-filters/starting-points/aggr-filters/
npm install

(You can also use Yarn if you prefer.)

To run the project, just run npm start. It will open a browser for you at localhost:3000.

Let's get started!


I finished! On to the next chapter