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We move the HTML and functionality of the game grid into the new gamegrid child component

  1. Start the initial code to determine if the game is over.
  2. Create a new method that will be called by the selectTile method in the gamegrid component that will check for the end condition.
  3. Name this method checkForWinner.
  4. The end condition is if either both red or both blue tiles are selected, or if the assassin tile is selected.
  5. Determine if both blue or both red are selected by simply keeping count of when a blue or red tile is selected (in two different properties) and when either of those properties reaches 2, then the game is over.
  6. Name those properties blueTilesSelected and redTilesSelected. Default those properties to zero. Increment them when either a blue or red tile is selected.
  7. Just log out to the console that the game is over in any of the 3 cases.

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