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Creating Docker Machines II


Creating Docker Machines II

As mentioned in the previous videos, with Docker machine we can set up an additional Docker engine on another host. This host could be a server in the cloud, a virtual machine, or even a physical host. Docker Machine supports drivers.

In order to communicate with the type of host that we want to set the Docker engine up on, that driver might have additional dependencies. You might have to install additional software on your machine in order to use a specific driver. If we use docker-machine create with the driver virtualbox, we need to have VirtualBox installed. VirtualBox is a hypervisor that lets us create and manage virtual machines on our local system. If we do not have VirtualBox installed, and we try to create a Docker machine with this driver, it will fail.

I recommend that you check out the manual for the driver you are going to use and make sure that all the requirements are met.