Boost Your React Apps with Apollo: First Steps

Hi! Sam Julien here. Welcome to the first tutorial on using Apollo Client with React! In this section, we'll get you started with the basics. You'll first learn about what GraphQL and Apollo are and why you might use them. Then, you'll set up Apollo with React and write your very first query. My goal for you by the end of this section is that you'll get a good feel for why Apollo is so massively popular with React!

Remember: the best way to learn anything is by doing. I've built exercises and provided plenty of sample code so you can actually get your hands dirty with Apollo and learn through experience. Give it a shot and see how much more you retain!

Note: This course assumes basic knowledge of git version control, React, and React Hooks. If you're brand new to React, check out some of the other React courses on Thinkster to get up and running!