Boost Your React Apps with Apollo: Fetching & Updating Data


Welcome to part two of Boost Your React Apps with Apollo! 🚀

In this section, you're going to learn about fetching and updating data using queries and mutations. My goal for you by the end of this section is to feel comfortable replacing those usual CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations you do with REST with GraphQL queries and mutations. We're going to start to see some of the magic of GraphQL here, but it should still be an easy transition for you.

For this section, I've provided a starting point. This starting point is an improved and styled version of what we did in part 1 of this series. To save us a little time, I've provided an AddHabit component with basic functionality that we'll use in this tutorial. Otherwise, you'll just be following along with what I do.

To install the dependencies for and run the starting point, run:

cd 02-fetching-and-updating/starting-point/habit-tracker/
npm install
npm start

As always, I still provide the finished code in case you miss something or need a reference point.

This tutorial uses the same server we used in part 1. You should be able to just run:

cd server
npm start

...and be off to the races.

Let's get started!


I finished! On to the next chapter