Believe it or not, the concepts you've seen in the first two parts of this tutorial are enough to get you through replacing basic CRUD REST operations with GraphQL. The basic process is always to:

  1. Construct and test your query or mutation.
  2. Add the query or mutation above your component (don't forget to import what you need if you haven't already).
  3. Use the appropriate hook inside of your component.
  4. Call the provided function where you need it.
  5. Use error and loading to make the UI/UX better.

If you'd like more practice before you start part 3, try adding the ability to:

  • Change habit descriptions
  • Add or delete entries
  • Change an entry's completed value

The next tutorial is going to dig deeper into the true magic and power of GraphQL with Apollo. We'll be talking about things like the Apollo cache, polling, fragments, and more. See you over there!