Up and Running with Gatsby: Introduction

Gatsby Core Concepts


What is Gatsby, anyway? Gatsby is a JAM stack static site generator built with React.

Wait a second, back up. What does any of that mean?


  • Static site: a web page with fixed content
  • Dynamic site: a site generated in real-time using server technology (PHP, Node, C#, etc.)
  • Static site generator: a framework that can compile down things like JavaScript and Markdown into static HTML
  • JAM Stack: A modern architecture to build apps with JavaScript, APIs, and Markup without web servers

Core Concepts in Gatsby:

  • ReactJS - a UI library built by Facebook
  • GraphQL - a query language for handling data in APIs
  • Webpack - a modern bundling system for building JavaScript applications
  • CSS-in-JS - using JavaScript to declare CSS styles (sometimes called JSS)
  • Markdown - a simple markup language used for writing

Gatsby Vocabulary:

  • Gatsby docs:
  • Gatsby CLI - the command line interface used to generate, build, and serve Gatsby sites
  • Starters - templates you can use to build Gatsby sites
  • Plugins - points of extensibility for Gatsby

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