Up and Running with Gatsby: Introduction

Course Repository Walkthrough


In this video, we'll walk through the repository for all of the code and assignments for all of the "Up and Running with Gatsby" tutorials. This repository contains all of the projects and exercises you'll need to complete the course. Be sure to do all the exercises and follow along — don't just passively listen!

To get started, clone the repository:

git clone

There's a folder for each tutorial of this course, and each folder contains the assignments and finished code for each chapter. I've also included a file for each tutorial with helpful links. Some of the tutorials pick up where the previous chapter left off, while others will have their own starting point. These readmes will guide you through each tutorial.

Repository Table of Contents

01 - Course Intro
02 - First Steps with Gatsby
03 - Basic Layouts
04 - Styling in Gatsby
05 - Handling Data
06 - Working with Markdown & MDX
07 - Working with Images
08 - Taking Gatsby to Production