Up and Running with Gatsby: Introduction


Congratulations on taking your first step to learning Gatsby! Gatsby is an incredible JAM stack platform for building static sites. Whether you're building a sales site, a personal portfolio or blog, or wanting to migrate from WordPress to React web development, Gatsby is an amazing tool for the job.

There's no sample code in this chapter since it's just an intro, so let me tell you a bit about myself and then share some helpful links.

Your Instructor: Sam Julien (that's me)

Hi! I'm Sam Julien. I love Gatsby. I'm also a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies, as well as an Angular Collaborator. I work for Auth0 in my day job and I also created the course I live on a small organic farm in the Pacific Northwest and you're going to see some of that influence in this course! Reach out to me any time on Twitter if you have any questions.

Example Portfolios Built with Gatsby


I finished! On to the next chapter