Creating A Basic React-Redux Project

In this tutorial we explain how to set up a base project that utilizes the official react-redux bindings

Valeri Karpov Up to date (May '17) React

This tutorial is a part of the "Build a Real World App with React & Redux" tutorial series.

In the previous tutorial we set up a basic example codebase for Redux that manually hooked into React's setState method to update the component. In a real world application we'll likely have dozens of components that need to be hooked into Redux, and it would be a huge hassle to manually fire the setState method for each one. This is where the react-redux bindings come in very handy.

Getting started

Let's break ground on the Conduit project; we'll start with the global feed of posts. When you open up the demo site, you'll see there's an HTTP request to this '/api/articles' endpoint that returns a list of articles. Let's show this list in our code.

In the next two chapters we'll refactor out the App component into it's own file, add in react-redux, and build out the UI that's going to contain the global feed.