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Dispatching Actions to Change State


To mutate(change) the redux state, you need to dispatch an action. Recall that an action is the 2nd parameter that gets passed to your reducer. An action is an object that tells your reducer what happened (e.g. toggle, click, etc.).

Let's create a function onClick that calls the Redux store's dispatch() function, which is how you fire off an action in Redux.

Dispatch the TOGGLE action when the checkbox is clicked
render() {
+ const onClick = () => store.dispatch({ type: 'TOGGLE' });
  return (
        Learn Redux&nbsp;
+         onClick={onClick} />
        this.state.checked ? (<h2>Done!</h2>) : null

Redux actions must have a type property, so we created an action type TOGGLE to match the reducer, and set the onClick function as an onClick handler for the checkbox. You'll now be able to toggle the checkbox!

Check your work

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