Angular 9 Part 1 - Getting Prepared


Hi there 👋

My name is Brian Love, and I'm excited to teach you about Angular 9 and the exciting new features and functionality that it provides.

Course Overview

This course has 3 parts:

What's new in Angular 9, including the new compilation and rendering engine called Ivy.

How to prepare for Angular 9. What can you do today in version 8 to prepare for version 9?

How to update to Angular 9.

Angular 9 comes with some big changes but it's an overall easy update. I'm excited to have you here. Let's get started!

A little bit about me:

  • I am a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular
  • I enjoy sharing what I learn through writing, speaking and creating course videos (like this)
  • I also enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, and a hoppy beer

You can connect with me:

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I finished! On to the next chapter