If you built a backend, then you can build your frontend app against that. Otherwise you can use our public API — simply set the API URL in the following tutorials to https://conduit.productionready.io/api instead of localhost:3000.

Besides utilizing the API structure we designed in the previous section for talking to the backend, there are some other reusable parts of the Conduit frontend you need to be familiar with.

Since we're building the same application in every frontend framework, we created a custom Bootstrap 4 CSS theme that every Conduit app takes advantage of. Specifically, we've provided all of the HTML structure (with relevant stylings) for every Conduit page to ensure we can just focus our learnings on the Javascript framework at hand.

This all comes at no expense to you, as we have a single CSS file for the Conduit Bootstrap theme hosted on our CDN that all of the tutorials link to out of the box. Every tutorial provides you with the relevant HTML templates as well while you build the app step-by-step.

Build the frontend

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In this chapter we built out the frontend web app that communicates with our server's API. The last thing we'll want to do is figure out how to deploy them into production.


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