As we mentioned previously, you can learn any of our frontends with any of our backends because all of their codebases are designed to work with the same API. You can take a look at the API spec we'll be using on the RealWorld Github repo.

We'll be referencing the API doc many times throughout the rest of the tutorial series. To ensure you know how & why it was created, we've put together a quick tutorial that shows how it was created from scratch:

We'll be using Postman for testing the API endpoints. We put together a short tutorial that explains the basics of Postman.

Build the backend

Choose which backend you want to learn & complete its tutorial:

I completed one of the backend API tutorials listed above


In this chapter we built out the backend API that our frontend will communicate with. With that now completed, we can begin actually building out the frontend codebase!


I finished! On to the next chapter