Building a CRUD Application with Angular & ASP.Net Core - Services in Angular GET

Making a GET request from Angular


Making a GET request from Angular

In this video we made an HTTP GET request in order to retrieve data from our .NET backend. We created the GET request inside of our service. We then called our service from our component to get our data.

We used construtor injection in our service to get access the to HttpClient and our component to access to our Camp Service.

We have not displayed our data to the HTML yet, but that will be in the next video. We did verify that our data was coming back by logging it out to the console.

Angular Dependency Injection

More information can be found about dependency injection in the Angular Docs. It is an important topic to become comfortable with and somthing we will be using throughout the course.

Angular Observables

Observables are something we will also be seeing a lot in this course. If you have never worked with Observables or want a refresher check out the Angular Docs on Observables.