Up and Running with Gatsby: Taking Gatsby to Production

Fixing the Build: Part 1


I left three things that worked in development but need to be fixed in production.

Let's get this site ready for production. We'll be using the gatsby build command to generate our static site, which we'll then put up on a server somewhere.

When we run gatsby build right now, though, we've got some errors. What's going on? Well, I sneakily left three things in the code that didn't break our development build but do break the production build. This happens all the time, so I wanted to leave this as an exercise we could walk through together.

The first problem is that we're using a global graphql in events.mdx instead of importing it. That's an easy fix; we just need to add graphql when we import Link:

import { Link, graphql } from "gatsby"

We'll fix the next two problems in the next video.