Up and Running with Gatsby: Markdown & MDX


This tutorial is all about using Markdown with Gatsby. Markdown is a markup language for writing and is used in many popular blogging platforms. In this tutorial and from here on out in the course, we'll be using a flavor of Markdown called MDX. MDX is just Markdown that also supports using JSX. This is awesome, because we can mix components in with our Markdown.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up MDX in Gatsby, how to create pages, and how to create an events blog. You'll even learn how to use Gatsby's Node APIs to programatically create pages with URLs in gatsby-node.js.

You can find the finished sample code for this chapter in sample-code/marionberry-farm-lodge. The assignments are in the readme in the assignments folder. You'll use the starting point marionberry-farm-lodge-start project in the assignments folder to complete the exercises.


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