Scully Webinar - Building the Fastest Angular Apps Possible


What is

Even the smallest Angular apps can take a long time to download on mobile devices. And even the most efficient Angular code can cost a lot of money to run in production. But not anymore.

With Scully, your Angular app will become the quickest and most efficient version of itself possible. Instead of having one index.html after your build process, Scully gives you a plethora of index.html files - one for each route in your app, each of them filled with little prerendered surprises of html.

If you aren't sure what a plethora of prerendered Angular views is, come let co-creator Aaron Frost show you how it all works in this hands-on introductory webinar!

You Will Learn:

✅ How to install Scully

✅ How to build your first Scully app

✅ How to add blog support for markdown

✅ How to author Scully plugins

✅ Things about donuts ;)

About Aaron Frost:

In addition to co-creating Scully, Aaron Frost, ("Frosty") is the founder of HeroDevs, a team of elite web developers and mentors. Six years ago he was nominated as a Google Developer Expert, as well as co-founded ng-conf, the largest Angular conference in the world. His last few years have been spent building reactive programs, where he was introduced to Observables. After overcoming the initial learning curve, Observables and stream-based programming have become his favorite topic to talk about.