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Docker Store

The information below has been updated to reflect changes to Docker Hub.

Note: The new Docker Hub combines the previous Docker Store, Docker Cloud, and Docker Hub functionality into one location. will redirect to, and will take to your personal repositories.

Inside the new Docker Hub you will see four tabs:

  • Docker EE: official products for Docker Enterprise Edition.
  • Docker CE: official products for Docker Community Edition.
  • Containers: all images available on Docker Hub, by any provider.
  • Plugins: available accessories to Docker written by third party contrbutors.

There are also two new distinctions of images:

Verified Publisher images are vetted by Docker but provided and maintained by third-party providers. Many are available by vendors for purchase.

Certified Images are a special class of Verified images that pass additional scrutiny including: Docker Enterprise support, meeting Docker's container best practices, passing a test suite, and completing a vulnerability scan.