Deploying Apps to Netlify

Sign In and Configure Netlify


In this video, you'll begin by signing in to Netlify (or sign up if needed).

Click the "New site from Git" button, and connect a Git provider if you need. Find and select your repository.

On the configuration page, choose the branch from which you want to deploy (normally master), set the build command (ng build --prod), and tell Netlify from which folder to deploy (dist/project-name).

This is one place where your site may be different from the example. Your build command may be different than ng build --prod. Select the build command for your site, if applicable. For example, Jekyll's build command is jekyll build.

The publish directory may be different if you're not using Angular as well. Jekyll's publish directory is _site, and a static HTML and CSS site wouldn't necessarily need a publish directory, you'd just need the whole folder. Enter the build directory for your site here as needed.

After each of those steps, simply click the deploy site button.


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