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Ready to learn JavaScript 5x faster than your friends?

Proficiency doesn’t come from simply watching a YouTube tutorial. Students who “learn by doing” retain almost five times as much information as those who simply watch and listen. Each module in this course includes interactive exercises designed to help you learn as much — and as quickly — as possible.

126 Lessons — 5.5 Hours of Video

Real learning requires doing.

Thinkster helps you master new frameworks by introducing you to new topics, helping you practice with real-world exercises, then following-up with a review.

How to master a new framework quickly and easily:

Watch a video.

Learn essential principles by watching a short video.

Practice the concepts.

Apply what you learn with our interactive exercises.*


See the author’s solution and compare it to your own.

Students who learn by doing remember almost 5x as much as those who just watch and listen.

JavaScript Fundamentals

What will I learn?

By the end of this 5.5-hour course you'll be able to:

How to run a JavaScript file
About variables and their scope
About functions and their context
Primitive types
Arrays and objects
And more!
How can I learn as quickly as possible?

Take advantage of the hands-on exercises. Practice is essential to accelerated learning.

Course Contents

Why is Thinkster Better Than YouTube?


Subject matter expert (hopefully), teaching what they know in a way that makes sense to them

Subject matter expert and qualified instructor following educational science to maximize learning



Videos, hands-on practice with real-world exercises, cross-check answers

Get stuck?


Bi-weekly access to Thinkster CEO Joe Eames and course author Preston Lamb give you opportunities to ask questions and get help with problems you’re trying to solve.

Why Go Pro?

Access to Course Updates - Get updates to courses as frameworks are patched and updated. These are live courses — not YouTube videos from 2016.

Accelerated Learning - Hands-on exercises help you master concepts without watching videos over and over again.

Real-world Learning - Build actual apps you can put in your portfolio today.

No Ads - Pro lets you get into flow and learn as quickly as possible.


Accelerated Learning

Our hands-on excercises will have you mastering topics in a quarter of the time you will spend elsewhere.

Learning that Matters

The ONLY THING that matters is what you can do TOMORROW.

Interviewing Confidence

Build your confidence for that new position, new job, or new career.

Pro Courses for a Reason

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Portfolio Prep

Build real-world apps to showcase all your new skills.

Educational Science

Our courses are where professional learning & educational science meet.


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Mfon Eti-mfon

"Highly recommended, great value, and don't be lazy, do the exercises to get the most out of this course ;)"

Ricardo Melo Jóia

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