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Building Real Apps With React & Redux [Workshop]

Posted November 14th, 2016 by   Eric Simons (cofounder)

While building small apps and widgets with React is mostly straightforward (which we covered in our React fundamentals tutorial), the problem that most devs run into with React (and its popular state management solution "Redux") is how to actually build real world applications with them. In fact, real world experience with React has become a staple for any resume looking to stand out amongst a sea of Angular developers considering how difficult it is to truly master React & Redux.

To solve this problem, we funded Redux community member Val Karpov to create the most comprehensive real world React+Redux tutorial & codebase in existence. After six months of hard work & peer review from the community as a whole, today we're excited to announce the official 150+ page step-by-step tutorial (!) written by Val on how to Build Real World Apps with React & Redux. On top of that, we're also excited to announce:

What: An expert led Q&A session on building real apps with React & Redux featuring Val Karpov himself!

When: Saturday, December 3rd at 1pm PST

Where: Online

Typically it costs over $1,000+ just for our React+Redux workshop — but we're making this session available to all Thinkster Pro yearly members (discounted this week 30% to $159) which includes access to the text, videos and source code of the React+Redux course as well as a full year of unlimited access to all of our current & upcoming courses on React, Redux, Angular 1 & 2, Node, and more. Needless to say, getting our yearly Pro subscription right now is an unbeatable investment in your programming skills at a price that's an absolute steal (aka save over $800+)

This live session is only happening once, so be sure to join Thinkster Pro Yearly before December 2nd to gain admission -- don't miss out!

Click here to Go Pro and enroll!

Note: A high quality recording of the workshop will be made available to Pro yearly subscribers immediately afterwards.

What the live session will cover

We'll be picking Val's brain on best practices, design patterns, and common issues devs face with React & Redux. A lot of the learnings & discussions will revolve around the course he wrote, so familiarity with the teachings in it will allow you to ask questions that haven't already been covered (i.e. please take the course beforehand if you want to get the max amount of value out of this session!)

How to attend

We'll email all Pro yearly members before the workshop takes place with a link to the live stream and other details. We'll also cross post this information into the exclusive Pro Slack channel that all Pro members are invited to upon signing up for Thinkster.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on twitter or shoot me an email at

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Click here to Go Pro and enroll!

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